5 Ways to Do More by Doing Less (It’s Possible!)

How to be more productive or in other words- how can you save time by doing less? Trying to manage time and maximize efficiency is what we all want, but tough in the midst of managing people, growing a business, holding meetings, making contacts, answering emails, etc. The day flies by and before you know it it’s 6pm and you still have a pile of work to be done.

“The question I ask myself like almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’…” says Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg.

Easier said than done, right? Take a look at these five tools to prioritize and get the most out of each day:

  • The 3-A-Day Rule– Each morning jot down the top three items that must be accomplished that day regardless. Write them on a post-it-note and place on your computer screen, near your phone, etc. for a reminder and motivation.
  • Unclutter Your Brain– After you’ve identified your top three priorities (see #1) create another place to write down and organize everything else that needs to be done. And don’t reinvent the wheel; there are plenty of apps and websites out there to help you do this. Check out Remember the Milk, Evernote, Toodledo and Teuxdeux to name just a few.
  • Keep a Day Sans Meetings– Have a day each week completely clear of any meetings or errands so you’ll have no interruptions to get important work/projects completed. Dustin Moskovitz, cofounder of Facebook and cofounder and CEO of Asana, clears his schedule every Wednesday. It’s “an invaluable tool for ensuring you have some contiguous space to do project work,” he says.
  • Delegate It– Are you a “delegatophobe” as Alex Cavoulacos, Founder of the Muse, calls it? The person who thinks it’s faster or better to “do it all yourself”? Learning to delegate appropriately is the sign of a smart leader and manager. Do you really need to do every single task on that to-do list or can it be handed off? Learn to more effectively clear your plate.
  • For the A.D.D Internet Surfer– Ever spent time jumping from one site to another only to realize you’ve wasted an hour when you should have been doing something else (don’t lie, we all have)? Check out Pocket– the app that with a simple click lets you save the page to read it or watch it later. Now you won’t waste time in the moment or spend time trying to retrieve it later.

Give these tools a try and switch it up from your current system ‘cause we all know time = money.