Leveraging Social Networks for Recruitment

Building a great company starts with hiring skilled people, aside from working with professional recruiters, social media is a tool that can also provide your company a way of connecting with potential qualified employees.  Social media sites such as; LinkedIn and Facebook, are great search engines for companies who are hiring.  These sites provide candidates who have posted their career experiences and other information, and allow companies to contact them directly.

Try utilizing these brief tips to get you started:

  1. Develop a position description; be specific of your needs.
  2. Post the position description on your website.
  3. Leverage your social media tools:
    a. Tweet the position description posted on your website
    —  i. Don’t forget to ask followers to “RT” (ReTweet!)
    b. Post the position description on your company’s Facebook page
    c. Promote the position description on LinkedIn
  4. Make sure you continue to tweet/post about the position.  Don’t overkill it with an everyday post- but at least once a week blast it out again.
  5. Send out an email to your employees, promoting from within is always a plus!
  6. Send out an email to your points of contacts, again referrals are typically a great way to find reliable people.

This probably goes without saying, but social media is also an excellent way to vet people before ever bringing them in your office. Browsing through pictures is an extremely handy way to see who they are outside the professional environment.  Some candidates might seem great on their resume, but picture after picture of them doing keg stands every night will quickly let you know they’re probably not your safest bet.

Remember, the idea is not to use social networks as your only source of recruitment, but rather take advantage of these convenient and mostly free tools.  Social media can benefit companies in a big way, use it wisely!