SBA Website Links You Should Know and Use!

Maybe you’re a veteran entrepreneur or a business owner trying to break into the federal contracting arena or still have the training wheels on trying to get your small biz up and running— either way you should familiarize yourself with all that’s offered from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The SBA is a federal agency created to assist small businesses in four primary areas: access to capital, entrepreneurial development, government contracting, and advocacy. Their website is immense but worth your while to dig around and see what resources, contracting opportunities, grants or tax credits may be available to your business.

Check out these links you may or may not have known existed that could help get your company to the next level:

Another avenue of resources to consider is membership in groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and/or your local chapter, or the National Small Business Association.

Even if you’ve owned a small business for over 40 years, it’s always beneficial to stay updated and educated on all the resources available and how they can enhance your business.